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As a beach and travel lover, I always sought the perfect swimsuit. Even though there are already several good swimwear brands, I was never entirely satisfied. For this reason, my crazy idea was born to launch my own Kate Kingdom swimwear brand. Besides, I wanted to share my deeply adored, tailor-made swimsuits with all other sun-lovers.

In summary, my project had a simple goal: To give women the freedom to enjoy the sun, surf, and, moreover, everything that travelling to the sun can mean. Finally, in 2020 – Kate Kingdom was born, and my shop went public with my new homepage katekingdom.com.

I am an extremely active woman from Venezuela who now lives happily near Zurich in Switzerland. In short, I designed and produced my swimsuit collection in my spare time. I am also driven by the idea of making my swimwear part of my next beach adventure under the warm sun. To this end, I showed my beachwear ideas to various manufacturers, who have used their expertise to produce my swimwear articles with extreme care and using the latest techniques.

Bikini Swimwear Beachwear

Sun worshippers and beach huggers – in short, the typical clientele of Kate Kingdom want swimwear which is not ordinary. There’s nothing worse on the beach than suddenly discovering that another person appears in the same swimsuit. Besides, it has always been important to us that our products are versatile and comfortable. Kate Kingdom enables you to not only look good in a unique swimsuit, but also to feel comfortable.

I have created numerous prototypes over the last few years. I also wore all the bathing suits. Furthermore, I have been in salt water, in hotel pools, and on jet skis, and I also rolled on the sandy beach. I have always been concerned about producing a high-quality product that gives pleasure and fits perfectly.




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